‘Home Free’ Texan experiences harsh Minnesota winter

Tim Foust of acapella group Home Free decides to leave the warmth of south Texas and experience the frigid cold of a Minnesota winter.

Tim Foust of Home Free is a South Texas native, accustomed to warm winters and little snow. Wanting to experience life in a colder climate, he travels to Minnesota in the heart of winter.

His experiences are hilariously displayed in this travel video. From the initial drive – and his clever captain’s logs that show the temperatures plummeting – to his stay in Minnesota.

Foust spends time walking outside, experiencing the heavy snow (and awkwardly trudging through it), and interviewing locals for their perspective.

What develops is not only an amusing look at a ‘fish out of water’ in a cold world he doesn’t understand but a greater understanding of Midwesterners and their culture.

It is an engaging short film that will appeal to fans of Home Free and anyone looking for a captivating and authentic look at another place and climate.

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‘Home Free’ Texan experiences harsh Minnesota winter