‘Home Free’ tributes truck drivers and all those who “get it done”

A cappella music has experienced a resurgence in recent years. Groups like ‘Pentatonix’ and ‘Home Free’ had tremendous success as America embraced the power of vocal-only performances. A song stripped of all the instruments can be equally as moving as any traditional pop song.

‘Home Free’ is a country acapella group featuring five male voices. They won ‘The Sing-Off’ on NBC in 2013, which earned them a recording contract with Sony. They are one of the premier vocal groups in music, and their blend and harmonies always impress.

The five guys from ‘Home Free’ perform their hit song ‘The Driver’ in an empty auditorium. They are sitting on crates with the backdrop created by auditorium seats with no spectators.

Then, we see a driver preparing his truck for the long road ahead. The lyrics mention how hard he works and how he’s the first one in and the last one out. The driver sees so much, and everything he passes is remembered.

Another scene shows a woman working in construction. She is working hard at her job, doing whatever it takes to succeed. The lyrics are, ‘I’m a dreamer soaking up every line and searching for truth. Music can save my soul. Easy come, easy go, and we rock, and we roll out of time. But while the moment is here, let’s sing and get loud tonight.’

A woman gets out of her car and grabs painting supplies while walking into the woods. ‘Home Free’ sings the lyrics, ‘When I was younger, I would pray to the highest star. I am a sinner, but I hope I can be more.’ The woman in the woods starts to paint, mixing all the colors together.

‘Home Free’ sings the line, ‘Oh, won’t you sing with me now.’ We catch a glimpse of the driver, the construction worker, and the painter all singing along with the song. It wraps up this fantastic a cappella performance by ‘Home Free.’

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‘Home Free’ tributes truck drivers and all those who \