Home Free’s Harmonious ‘Give Me A Sign’ Uplifts Spirits and Soothes Hearts

‘Home Free’ is a country acapella group featuring five male voices. They won ‘The Sing-Off’ on NBC in 2013, which earned them a recording contract with Sony. They are one of the premier vocal groups in music, and their blend and harmonies always impress.

According to the guys, their performance for ‘Give Me A Sign’ is the first of a three-part ‘Stargazer Trilogy.’ The video is labeled as ‘Chapter 1.’ The nighttime film hints that the story will be continued.

The song from their album ‘So Long Dixie’ is inspirational, featuring the lyrics, “Just give me a sign ‘cause I’ve been losing my way. Going in blind, give me the words to say when I pray.”

The tight harmonies accompany a catchy, country-inspired melody. The guys are on their tour bus and in the woods at night, and they see a blinding light as they reach out for it.

They continue to sing the emotional lyrics while harmonizing with each other. Their vocal blend is fantastic, and the country feel of the song makes it easy to get into from the start.

The band said, “Downtime these past couple years combined with inspiration from touring again got Tim Foust and Austin Brown writing.” They noted, “We all listened and had an idea. We thought this would be the perfect opportunity to do something different and uniquely ours.”

The band is staying true to their sound and making new music too. ‘Home Free’ said, “This collection of songs we feel not only tells great stories but still holds true to our style you all know and love.”

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Home Free\'s Harmonious \'Give Me A Sign\' Uplifts Spirits and Soothes Hearts