Home Free’s Rendition of “I Can’t Outrun You” by Trace Adkins Will Give You Goosebumps

Out of all of the music genres that you can listen to, country music hits the soul. Home Free is a musical group that is best known for adding an a capella flair to country music hits. Their talent is especially real with their heartbreaking rendition of a Trace Adkins song.

“I Can’t Outrun You” is a popular Adkins tune that country fans listen to when they’re feeling sad or down in the dumps. You can listen to the song on Trace’s 2008 album, X. The band Home Free remade the track, and the lack of instruments somehow makes it that much more touching.

The song is from the perspective of a man who recently went through a breakup and has started to see small reminders of his ex everywhere. Adam Chance is the newest member of Home Free and leads the song with his strong baritone voice.

The majority of the video for the song is in black and white. Whenever he comes across a belonging that was his ex’s, it appears in full color. Chance does a marvelous job of bringing the mournful tone to life, with his bandmates ethereal vocals in the background.

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