Homeless Dog Was Beaten & Abused On The Streets. But What Happens Next? I Can’t Stop Crying!

This beautiful dog was rescued from the streets. The rescuers found him on the outskirts of a city in Romania. He was homeless and was crying in pain. The rescuers were told that he had been abused. He was hit and beaten. In some cases he was even tied to and dragged by a car. His body was badly injured and irreversibly damaged. His tail was paralyzed, but the rest of him could be healed.

But the rescuers didn’t give up on him. They took him to a clinic and after a month of proper care, he is almost recovered. The open sores and cuts on his body were treated and healed over. His fur started to grow back and his sweet face has an expression of hope. He is better both mentally and physically.

He is called Luca and he is about one year old in this video. Once he recovered, his spirit returned. He is a kind, loving dog who is friendly and loves the things all dogs love, like treats and toys and human companionship. He’s small and obedient and very clever.

Below the video there is some updated information about sweet Luca. Thanks to American opera singer, Carol Byers, founder and president of Animal Care Austria, Luca left Romania and is heading towards a beautiful life. He’s going to Austria where a trainer will work with him and teach him many tricks.

Watch this beautiful dog’s story in the video below! Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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