Homeless dog living inside an old tire finally gets a much-needed rescue

Animal rescuers are used to seeing the most shocking cases of neglect. When an animal needs to fend for himself and is left alone sometimes they don’t make it that long. For animal rescuers, this is the nature of their job. It’s something they must do daily. They are very much and used to seeing animals in very stressful conditions.

There are cases that are really disturbing to them to a degree they have never experienced. There was one case when a dog named Sheila was abandoned by her owners. She became very distressed after being attacked by a pack of dogs. Whenever someone would get near her, she would also get very nervous. It was believed by the rescuers that she had been beaten by people before. Why a person or group of people would be so cruel to beat up a defenseless animal is beyond understanding.

Sheila was rescued and when she was examined they found that she had suffered a fracture. She was also infested with ticks and fleas and was severely dehydrated. They needed to shave her completely and give her a treatment for fleas and ticks. They also gave her an IV to help with fluids. The rescuers were so loving and caring to her, that she recovered completely. After her full recovery, she was adopted by a loving family who still takes very good care of her.

Another of these cases was with one dog that was left abandoned. This happened in Mexico in a place called Puerto Peñasco. The poor dog was living in a dumpster and was having to fend for herself. She ate whatever she could find in the dumpster and was in very bad shape.

A rescuer with a group called Compassion Without Borders was looking for straight out in the area. He found a tire that was on the side of the road and decided to investigate. Upon getting closer he saw something moving inside the tire, it was a dog and she did not look very good. The dog was very frail, infested with ticks and looked very malnourished.

They took the dog in and after shaving her fur, they discovered she had an ulcerated wound in her stomach. She was given antibiotics for it and recovered in a few days. She was also given fluids and food. Her caretaker took her home to help her recover. After her recovery, she was named Yoko. And is currently looking for adoption. If you can help please contact compassion without Borders. To see her amazing recovery, watch the video!