This Homeless Dog Is Transformed Into A Completely Different Animal After It Is Found Living In An Alley

It can be unbelievably sad to see an animal in need. Animals that are abused, neglected, or homeless are all desperate for help and attention from society, and it is our responsibility as a society to care for these animals in need. This is why it is so important for us to support all of our animal and wildlife rescue organizations.

The work that animal rescue workers do is truly incredible. We know that there is a need out there for abandoned and homeless animals to be rescued, but so often the rescued and changed lives of these animals go unnoticed by the public. Oftentimes just seeing the joy that happens when one of these animals is rescued is enough to raise awareness and get more people involved in the lives of these animals in need.

This homeless poodle named Yankee was living on the streets of Los Angeles. The locals would often feed Yankee and help take care of him, but he never did settle into a home. One day, people noticed that Yankee was in an old alley, looking defeated and depressed. They knew immediately that this was a dog in desperate need of a home and a family to love him. A local rescue organization was immediately called to help take Yankee in and find him the home that he needs.

The following video shows the incredible transformation of Yankee from being a worn out and depressed homeless dog with little hope to an incredibly happy and excited dog with a family that loves him. It’s almost impossible to see the final moments of this without having tears in your eyes. You’ll just have to see this for yourselves.

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