Homeless Golden Retriever Has His First Bath, And He Came With Others All The Way From Turkey To Get It

Many animals get abandoned in the US every day. Some of them don’t get out alive, but some of them get a second chance at life. There are many organizations that try to help these poor animals find a loving forever home. But not all countries have these types of organizations. Homeless animals are normally left abandoned without anyone to care for them.

Many dogs have lost their lives on the streets of Turkey. And the most shocking part is that a very lovable breed gets abandoned the most. The streets of Istanbul and Ankara are full of Golden Retrievers.

Thankfully, a Texas rescue group called Gold Ribbon Rescue decided to do something about it. They rescued 18 of these Golden Retrievers and flew them to the US. Almost $1,600 was spent on each dog.

This clip begins with Austin getting a bath, we think for the very first time. He seems to love it and responds well to the people trying to help him. All of the dogs they rescued from the streets of Turkey responded well to their treatment, and people in Texas and all over the United States were eager to adopt them.

Donald Smith is one of those people. In his interview, he talks about Travis, the dog he will take home. Travis has an old injury that was never treated properly, so his front foot isn’t in great shape, but Donald is ready to take him home and love him.

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