Homeless Golden Retriever Is Having His First Bath Ever And You’ll Break Down When You See How He Reacts

Hundreds of animals are abandoned in the US daily, but thankfully, many of them are rescued too. Some incredible organizations give it their best to make sure these helpless creatures have a better life and a loving forever home. However, in many other countries, this is not the case and there are no or few organizations willing to advocate for animal rights and work to rescue them. Animals are usually left abandoned without anyone to look after them. Turkey is one of those nations with thousands of homeless dogs and cats on the streets throughout the country.

Many dogs have died on the streets in Turkey, and you might be surprised when you hear which breed gets abandoned the most. The streets of Turkish cities like Istanbul and Ankara are full of Golden Retrievers. Perhaps their playful nature makes them difficult to manage for people who don’t know how to train them. These poor dogs have never had the chance at a good life. That was when a Texas rescue group called Gold Ribbon Rescue stepped up. They rescued 18 of these Golden Retrievers and flew them to the US, where a better life waited for them. They spent almost $1,600 on each dog.

In this clip, you will see how the rescue took place and how the dogs reacted after arriving in Texas to receive baths, toys, treats and love, some for the first time no doubt. And you’ll see one man’s plans for Travis, the Golden Retriever he adopted the very day they arrived in Texas.

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