This Homeless Guy Falls Down, And Wait Till You See Who Helps Him

What would you do if you saw a man wearing a business suit on crutches fall down on the sidewalk? Now, what if that man was a homeless man carrying all of his belongings? Would it change the way you react? This video set out to answer the question, “Does appearance change the way people are treated?” The answer is in this next clip, and it is quite the eye opener.

The clip begins with a man in a business suit, playing a role, of course, and he walks down the streets of a big city pretending to fall several times. Each time, multiple people, well-dressed people, rush to help him up and ask if he is okay. In the next half of the video, a man is dressed as a homeless person carrying his belongings, including a sleeping bag, and he also pretends to fall several times. No one stops to help and no one asks if he okay, until the end when a homeless man helps him up.

This experiment resulted in some pretty surprising results. Or did it? The results are very different, and I will say that everyone should have helped out the ‘homeless” man the same as they helped out the “successful” one.

What do you think of this experiment?

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