Stray Cat Falls Into Lynx’s Enclosure – Then a Zoo-Goer Captures It All On Video

There are many homeless animals all over the world. They live on the streets and they don’t have proper care, shelter, food, or support. These poor creatures have to fend for themselves even in the harshest of times. The following video features a story about one such animal. This homeless kitty had nowhere to go, so she somehow ended up wandering into the Leningrad Zoo in St. Petersburg, Russia.

The little thing even managed to get into an enclosure separated out for a Eurasian Lynx. The best part is how the Lynx reacted to her intruder. Instead of hurting the rather minute creature, this beautiful wild animal developed a strong bond with her. The staff at the zoo discovered the tiny feline soon enough, but they could not send her away, so they adopted her.

They named the kitten Dusja and the Lynx is called Linda. It has been years since they first met, but this pair is inseparable still! In this clip you can see them grooming each other, and it seems as though the lynx loves to have her ears cleaned by her best friend.

The cat is now a part of the zoo and stays with the lynx all the time. You can see she is happy, healthy, and quite fat, so this cat is living the high life in the zoo. This cat may not be a traditional zoo animal, but she seems to fit right in anyway, and I think someone is quite happy to have the company.

Watch this amazing friendship in the video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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