Homeless Man Decided To Help Stray Cat. But He Never Knew What The Cat Would Do For HIM!

Most people agree that animals can provide great company, and that when you treat them well, they also offer their friendship. But almost no one ever gets to see their heroic side. If the situation requires it, they can get to guard and protect us from very real dangers that approach. And it’s not always bad guys in the world outside. For example, we have James Bowen’s story. The way a cat helped him to survive is really heart touching.

By the start of the 2000’s, he was hitting rock bottom, since he didn’t have a home and was struggling with addiction, in relation to mental health issues. He tried to get by just himself, and after a few years he was seeing some progress, but it was very little. What happened next is what truly turned his life around. He found a stray ginger cat in the streets, and since he was injured and needed help, John kindly nursed him and kept him until he recovered. But he never imagined what the cat did when he tried to let him go so he could get home!

Watch this lovely story below. Sometimes, all you need is a friend, don’t you? Share the video if you liked it, and leave us a comment with your thoughts!

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