This Homeless Man Was Presented A Free Pizza. Now What He Does With It Will Move You To Tears

Giving to others is an amazing thing. There are so many of us that are living in very unfortunate situations that are simply no ones fault. Many nonprofits and other organizations exist in order to feed and help those in need and they do a fantastic job with the resources that they have. What would you do to help out?

Picture yourself in the city, sitting and enjoying your dinner by yourself. Now a random stranger comes up to you and wants some food. What would you do? Would you give him some? This is the idea behind this incredible social experiment put on by the team at OckTV.

They wanted to record the results of going around asking strangers for a slice of pizza. Can you guess the outcome? What happens is something totally unexpected and wonderful. I’m not going to spoil the fun for you so you’ll have to check out the video below.

Warning: there’s some profanity in this video but work through it and you’ll find a great message in what is being done here.  In a big city it’s especially easy to become cynical and completely wrapped up in your own agenda, but just see what happens when a little bit of compassion is used in everyday circumstances.

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