Homeless Man Walks Into Café. What The Owner There Did Impressed Me SO Much.

There are some times when we need breaks in life. We need a fortunate turn of events. It doesn’t have to be much, but it has to feel like our luck is changing. It can be someone deciding to buy your book after all. You can get a phone call from a recruiter. If you’re homeless, someone can look past your exterior and offer you a job, a small one, but a job. That’s what happened in this video.

A homeless man came into Cesia Abigail’s café in Minnesota. He asked her for some food. She replied that she had never had handouts in her own life. Sure, he could eat food, but he’d have to wash dishes afterwards. The man, whose name was Marcus, readily agreed. After he ate, he made his way back to the kitchen and started cleaning those dishes. Soon, Abigail invited him to come back daily for two-hour shifts. He took her up on that offer.

Marcus rewarded her trust, showing up every day and doing the work that she asked him to do every day. He even used what money she gave him to go feed other homeless people. This could have gone bad so many ways and she could have been left feeling eternal regret for her belief in this man. It seems like the fates smiled on both of them. Now Abigail was able to focus more on her business as well, since she didn’t have to do so much by herself.

There have been times when I’ve taken a risk on someone and been burned. That’s all part of life. I’m glad that Abigail didn’t have that happen to her. This is a man who could have gone back to his life of theft, but since she treated him like an actual human being and gave him a sense of worth, he repaid that kindness by showing a strong work ethic. Some cynics may think that she exploited him, but she’s trying to get him on the right path.

What a wonderful move by such a young person. I was really touched. How about you? Did you like the story? Would you have given Marcus a chance or would his criminal record scared you off? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

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