A Homeless Pit Bull Family Saved From Deep, Underneath House. The Puppies Bravely Rescued.

Hope for Paws is a non-profit rescue society that helps homeless dogs in need and provides the avenues for their adoption. They work tirelessly to provide the service necessary for animals to not only be rescued from living on the streets but also provide the service of of adoption and housing them in the meantime. This alone looks promising, as a company that care. One that looks to help with the homeless dogs of each city, each state. Their efforts time and time again have shown us not only that they care, but that they would go under buildings or the top of mountains to rescue their furred friends. These are people who really put caring on a whole other level.

They received a call-in Los Angeles about a Pit Bull mother and her pups. They tried their best to build trust with the mother, giving her food and making sure she was given loving pets, soft and gentle. With every moment that passed the Pit seemed to warm up to the people around her, as it was clear they meant no harm. They only aimed to help and help is what they did. After finding where the puppies were, deep underneath a house, they decided it was time to get down and dirty.

One brave soul amidst the cobwebs, spider webs and dust crawled through to make sure all the puppies were okay. He grabbed them one by one, with all their tiny faces looking sad as they bundled together for warmth. But when you see this heartbreaking story turn into a fairytale ending? You’ll bless these brave women and men for their help.

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