Homeowner creates amazing Christmas light display set to music by The Cadets

Christmas lights are a holiday tradition nearly everyone loves. Nowadays, really amazing light displays are no longer the preserve of the professionals.

Modern technology has made it possible for an ordinary homeowner to put together fantastic Christmas light displays. One ingredient is computer technology that makes it possible to control the lights, including special effects and synchronizing them to music. The other ingredient is the LED (light emitting diode) light. LEDs have actually been around since the 1960s. If you had a pocket calculator in the 1970s, those little red numbers were almost certainly made of LEDs. In more recent times, there have been enormous improvements: LEDs are bigger, there are more colors, and threy’re less expensive. Better still, they’re energy efficient and tolerate being turned on and off frequently. Perfect for Christmas lights!

The video posted below will treat you to a spectacular Christmas light display that’s synchronized to a medley of holiday music performed by The Cadets. This is one homeowner who put a lot of thought, planning, and hard work into his Christmas display!

“The Cadets” are a world-class junior drum and bugle corps. These talented 14 to 22 year-olds travel all over the country, carrying on the traditions of the oldest continuously active junior drum and bugle corps in North America. The corps got its start in 1934 as the “Holy Name Cadets” when Charles Mura, Michael Koeph, and Reverend Edward Garrity decided that a marching band would be an excellent activity for the boys of Garfield, New Jersey. The corps has been through several changes of name and location but has called Allentown, Pennsylvania home since 2003. The Cadets have won ten Drum Corps International championships since the DCI’s founding in 1972. They’ve performed at high-profile events like the 1996 Summer Olympics in Atlanta and Barack Obama’s inauguration in 2009.

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