Hong Kong Expat Thrives in Unique Tiny Home

Wanting something affordable to keep her and her family safe, Bobbie decided to build a tiny home. Thankfully, she had spent 15 years as an architect in Hong Kong, giving her a great advantage for her own house.

Bobbie put her design and building skills to the test to make sure the small-space design was pleasing to the eye, functional, and will survive years of active life within the four walls. Let’s say; her vision turned into a beautiful reality.

While it does sit on wheels, the house is complete with a comfortable front porch filled with stunning plants and flowers. Upon going inside her home, there is warm-toned wood flooring throughout, paired with a lovely navy blue wallpaper.

There’s a fully-functioning kitchen next to the cozy living room and office area. Above, Bobbie put a bedroom for her two kids and one for herself as well. It’s truly remarkable what we can create when we put our minds to it.