Honoring a late son can be a challenge. 1957 proved sadly, one dad had gone the wrong direction.

Classic cars not only set the standards for class and style, but also became amazingly rare and hard to find, unless you’re a collector or decide to frequent auctions. Many of us who drool over an old-style car immediately remember all the reasons trying to own one no- a-days would lead to financial ruin. While this beast of a beautiful car seemed to be elegantly designed to not only set it apart, almost as if it’s sleek and unique design was for the future, it’s production didn’t last too terribly long.

Unfortunately for Ford, the car which he named after his late son, Edsel, lead the company to many problems. After his failed attempt to maximize revenue with a car decked out with all the bells and whistles, He decided that marketing was the key to his strategy. His mistake was all too obvious, as he pushed a decent chunk of change into a yearlong marketing barrage. While the reviews of the car were not met with open arms by consumers, he changed his strategy a bit. Adding television commercials staring many famous household names such as Sinatra, Crosby, and Armstrong. The list of famous actors went on, yet even with these popular idol’s endorsements, the Edsel became a symbol for over advertised failure. The public must really have sensed their desperation and after a year of campaigning and advertising the flopped “car of the future,” Ford stood to lose nearly $ 350 million dollars.

Much to his dismay he couldn’t properly honor his late son’s memory due to the cars unanimous dislike. Critics found the car a bit extravagant in its design. The price also heavily influenced a thumb down as well as features only available in this “car of the future.” A tragic ending for such an optimistic start. His heart certainly seemed like it was in the right place.

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