Hope For Paws Saves Homeless Dog. See Her Amazing Transformation… OMG!

Hope For Paws is one of the most amazing rescue organizations in the world. They help abandoned animals in need. The following video features their most recent rescue, Dolly the Poodle. You will be in tears when you watch them rescue Dolly off the streets of LA.

Dolly was homeless and in a shattered state when they reached her. She was so matted when they found her; they couldn’t even tell if she was a boy or a girl! The poor dog was so scared of her rescuers she was physically shaking. She growled every time they tried to get near her. With time and patience, and a bit of love, they managed to get her trust them. Dolly is now a completely different dog!

Watch the video tell us how remarkable you think Dolly’s story is in the comments section! And remember: adopt, don’t shop!

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