He Was Hoping To Take Some Pictures In The Wild. Pay Attention To That Gorilla Family…ROFL!

Home to nearly half of the world’s population of endangered Mountain Gorillas, Bwindi is strictly protected by the Uganda Wildlife Authority. John and his friends were on a two week long expedition through a Gorilla Safari Camp in Bwindi with a guide. They were hoping to find and observe some of these primates, but they never expected to experience such a close encounter!

John was taking some pictures around the park, when a giant Silverback and his family of tiny gorillas decided to intervene. John stayed unmoving in his place when the curious gorillas started examining him. Soon enough, the poor guy was encircled on all sides by the primates! What’s interesting is the fact that they even started grooming him as if he was one of their own!

Watch this heart-racing moment below! Would you like trading places with John? Let us know what you think in the comments! We’d love to hear from you!

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