This Horse Was Scared of Water, But WATCH What Happens When She Does THIS… HILARIOUS!

Magic, the horse, is about to take her first swim. Problem is, Magic is scared of water. When his trainer first tries to lead him to the water while riding him, Magic simply refuses to go inside. So the trainer has to get off Magic and lead him into the water. He’ll have to show him that it’s okay to get wet.

Sure enough, after a couple of attempts, Magic puts his hooves inside the water. Realizing that there’s nothing to be scared off, Magic starts going inside the pond, with his trainer next to him. But just watch what he does next!

Wasn’t that funny?! Magic started splashing his mom! I mean, isn’t that what kids do when they play in the water, they splash everyone? Magic is just being a kid doing kid things. Of course, his mom is dripping wet hahaha!

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