When this cat jumped on the fence, I never thought I’d see her do this to the horse! AWW!

OMG, my heart melted at the sight of these two hugging it out. This incredibly cute grey cat is seen standing on the ledge of this horse’s stable. The horse has his head sticking out over the door in such a way that is right next to the cat. What does kitty cat do? Watch and see!

The cat wanted to be petted so she went and started rubbing her head on the horse’s head! How amazing was that moment! And every now and then she’d look at the camera and meow in happiness! Those two are great friends, you can tell!

Even when the owner is grooming the horse, the cat doesn’t want to be away from the horse and goes and sits on her owner’s shoulders in order to be as close to the horse as possible. For a second I thought the cat was going to jump on the horse! Does your cat have friends that are not cats? Please leave a comment below and don’t forget to share!