For this horse, it’s “All About That Bass.” Just watch what he does!

Animals sure have a profound sense of rhythm. I have a cat and I can confirm that they do. Everything for her started when I played the Bruno Mars hit, “24-karat magic.” My cat was taking a nap and I was about to do some work around the house. Whenever I do this, I will usually play a bunch of playlists that I have saved over the weeks.

I pressed ‘play’ and I got busy. My cat, who had been taking a nap for the past hour, got up and started to stretch. What she will normally do is to stretch and then go to eat something. This time, it would be different. She stood in front of the speaker and started to go a little crazy. It was as if she was dancing, but she was not. It was a combination of dancing and jumping.

I went to get my phone, so I could record her, and I did manage to get a good 60 seconds of her moves. When my wife came back from work, I told her what had happened and showed her the video. She started laughing and could not believe what our cat had been up to. She told me she would try to do the same thing and got the portable speaker from the living room.

Just as she had done the last time, the cat started to dance as soon as the music was on. I thought I was the only cat owner with footage like that until I checked YouTube and saw a wide array of videos with all sorts of cool dance moves by cats, dogs, and even pigs. I remembered we also had a dog a while ago that loved to dance. The only thing is that he would dance to rock music.

Another animal that I have seen dance before is the horse. I remember going to California about a year ago and they had this Mexican Festival going on. The festival was commemorating Mexican Heritage Week and they had all sorts of shows. One of the shows was called “Charreada” and featured horses who danced to Mexican music and Mariachis.

I thought I had seen it all when it came to horses until I saw the horse in the following video. The horse is seen standing there, not doing much. He’s just hanging out in the stables. Then, someone starts playing some music and that’s all this horse needs. Check out how the horse’s owner starts dancing to the music and then, gives the horse his cue!