Horse Begins Galloping. What Ended Up Happening Near a Fence? Simply Priceless Is Unbelievable!

Thanks to one of the many helmet cams that let us view the harrowing view from one rider. We can envision ourselves in the difficult and hard learned skill of riding horses. Elisa Wallace was the rider in this case, capturing her run with her precious horse, Simply Priceless in Rolex 2016. This amazing look at what a rider sees makes me respect them that much more. It’s a little bit scary if I’m being honest.

Rolex is a big three-day event, a very important and influential race given a rating of four stars in Lexington Kentucky. The top competing horses are found to join in this race, as the quality and competitive spirit is put to the test. All the training, the nights and days of strength, spend and other tests are endured all to be realized in this moment. You really must see what a ride goes through to appreciate this kind of racing! It is truly otherworldly!

One such case really shows off one of the many phases, given points on a varying degree of perfection and skill over the three-daylong event. The movement or how they move, the rate, and how fluid they are tends to play quite a big role. Rhythmic cadence also seems to really help determine the judges overall scoring as it is part of the overall scores mean. After each of these are tested during the three-day long endurance test of sorts, a different task or quality is looked for on each day, we find our winner for the event.

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