When This Horse Begins Running Down That Street Just Watch WHO’S Riding Him! WOW!

I don’t think there is a single person in the world who wouldn’t agree with the statement that times are changing. The way that people use to do things is rapidly changing. The amount of change that has occurred in the last twenty five years alone is astounding and it doesn’t show any signs of slowing down any time soon.

One major change in our society has been going on for over a hundred years is the role that animals have in our lives. We used to be extremely reliant on animals and what they were able to do for us but with the advancement of technology. The biggest change is probably transportation.

In regards to transportation we use to only use horses. But now that we have cars to take us to and from wherever we need to go our need for the large animal is almost nonexistent. However, many people claim that they contribute many positives for our communities.

One person who believes that horses still play a pivotal role in our lives is Malik Divers. Malik believes in this so much that he actually has started and maintained a small stable in Philadelphia. Malik says that getting kids in the community involved in the care of the horses has actually helped to prevent them from getting into trouble and has helped lower crime in their neighborhoods. Watch the video below to hear Malik’s full story.

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