This Horse Was Born To Die But What She Does To Him? Watch This; It Will Break You Into Tears!

I always thought factory farming and dangerous breeding rings covered cows, chicken yes even puppy mills but I had not a single idea that people in this world even breed horses, just to let them die later on.

The reason behind this is the races. Every time a person bets on a race horse it supports breeding operations and also the death of innocent colts. Huge money is invested in horse racing so breeders do whatever possible in order to get their mares as many foals as possible.

The cruelty these breeders do with these innocent horses can’t be described in words. But there are some people who have been working hard to rescue these innocent horses and Victoria Goss is one of them who have been rescuing horses for most of her life. She started the Last Chance Corral in 2008 to rescue these babies who were regarded as unwanted.

Watch this video and learn about her efforts. This video will actually bring tears to your eyes. Do tell us how your felt watching through your comments. We’d love to hear from you!

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