Horse And Human Experience Abuse, But Wait Till You See What Happens When They Find Each Other

Phyllis left her abusive home and ended up on the streets. Her unhealthy marriage came to an end, she started drinking, and in the end, she wound up in jail. When she was in prison, she was allowed to go out to a farm using a day pass as part of her rehabilitation. Horses have long been used for therapy, and this practice has become more popular in recent years because it seems to work so well.

During her visits to the farm, that’s when she met a cowboy who introduced her to a three-year-old Arabian stallion called Charlie Brown. She had something in common with this horse, and even the horse seemed to sense this and relate to Phyllis.

The poor horse had faced abuse in his life as well. Phyllis couldn’t stop thinking about Charlie Brown. She got out of jail and ended up buying him with the $300 she earned while she was in jail. She renamed the horse Shag-Ra and she nursed him back to health in her farm in Canada.

This not only helped the horse, but Phyllis as well. She stopped drinking, and was happy and healthier than ever. They formed a very close bond, with complete love and trust for each other. But their story doesn’t end there. Shag-Ra had even more surprises to share! Wait till you see what happened!

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