This Horse Was Trapped In Barbed Wire For 2 Days, Until This Rescue Group Saved Him!

Watch this story about a brave horse named Rudy. This poor thing was tangled in a barbed wire fence on the side of the road in Oklahoma. He was trapped for two days. Sickeningly, this unfortunate event was not an accident. It was a heartless and inhuman act from his owner. Yes, the world contains some disgusting people, but thankfully, it also consists of heroes as well.

He was rescued by the amazing people at Blaze’s Tribute Equine Rescue. They immediately setup a crowd-funding campaign to help save the poor horse. He was left for dead in the barbed wire, where he was attacked by dogs that tore off his ears and eye lids. His condition was deplorable. Looking at will just crush your heart. But thanks to the rescuers, Rudy continues to improve and is getting healthier day by day.

Watch this heartrending clip! What sort of punishment do you think the cruel owner should be subjected to? Let us know in the comments section!

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