Horses reduce crime by 700 percent… and no, they aren’t cops!

In rural and not so rural areas of the U.S. we are seeing more and more horses running and grazing in open fields and pastures. It’s a sight to behold. I’m sure you can picture them right now out your window as you pass them by.

But ee also see them living on ranches with wide, open spaces for them to roam free, commune with each other, and live the life they love which is a life of freedom while feeling safe. Even now, many of these horses can found in the wild. Horses are here to stay as part of the American landscape.

Not all horses get to live this country life though. Some are city horses.  Some have a more unique lifestyle. Malik Divers, from Philadelphia, runs a stable where he teaches teenagers how to take care of horses and ride them properly, and both man and horse benefit from this partnership. The video below was made by Great Big Story and shows Malik’s incredible efforts to reduce vandalism in his town by using horses.

He says in the video that his purpose is to give kids something productive to do to keep them away from gang activity and dangerous activities in general….

He believes learning about animals and how to care for them and understand them deeply teaches responsibility and encourages self-confidence, helping teenagers to gain perspective about their lives. These “Concrete Cowboys” give their testimonies in the video below and you can see for yourself the impact Malik’s program has on these kids.

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