This Horse LOVES Music. Wait Until You See His Reaction To Her Dancing! Hilarious!

Horses in general are very calm, and of peaceful nature. But they all have their own unique character. For example, while some of this majestic animals love to be groomed and cared for, some can’t even stand a brush coming anywhere close to them. Some of them like interacting with lots of humans, and some are more introverted. And while some like to gallop in the field all day, some other prefer staying in their barn. They are all different, just like people, so you never really know what to expect.

We’ve seen many videos of animals enjoying music just as people do, and we’ve featured a video just like that below. It shows a horse getting happy with a fine tune. But he doesn’t just like the music! Just wait to see how he adds his whole personality and swag to the beat, it makes for an amazing sight! The woman in the video played “All About That Bass”, a popular hit song by Meghan Trainor, and the horse’s reaction is priceless. When he sees the woman dancing to the song, he does something hilarious! You just have to see it yourself.

You can watch this funny clip right below here. How did you react? Don’t forget to tell us in the comments!

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