This Horse Has Never Been In Water, Watch When He Touches The Water Because The Reaction Is Amazing!

Are the first time events of an animal’s life as memorable for them as they are for us?  It could be our baby’s first steps or a first taste of a new food; they are all very special and memorable. I think it may be the same for animals and in part that is why it is so easy to connect with them. Just recall how scared YOU were the first time you learned to swim! Is it possible that an animal would have this same kind of memory? Just remembering this fear can give us a rush, and I think animals also have their own first time fears and memories.

This clip reveals the response of a horse when he goes into the water for the first time. The endearing horse was so scared and unsure at first.  But then he slowly started to get more comfortable as the owner worked to sooth him. Horses have a lot of trouble with depth which is why they don’t like water or even stairs. Water looks like a solid surface to them so when they step in the first time they really are taken by surprise and may not like it.

This horse finally touches the water and is so amazed that he has the best reaction ever. It’s so fun to watch that you may need to see it again and again.

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