Horse and Puppy Love! These Guys Are Friends Forever!

Herbie the pit bull often visits Jabby the standardbred horse. Jabby’s reaction to the puppy’s attention is quite a wonder.

Herbie’s whole body is barely the size of Jabby’s head, but that doesn’t stop the little dog from patiently sitting near Jabby’s stall and waiting for the horse to lower his head down next to him. Jabby gently nuzzles the puppy, who happily wags his tail in response. When the horse lifts his head up again, Herbie jumps up to get him back down there and giving him attention. Sometimes Herbie will even paw at Jabby’s face, appearing to be petting the horse, or maybe asking Jabby to keep nuzzling him. They give each other cute little kisses and Herbie even playfully tugs at Jabby’s rope. The friendship and adoration these two have for each other is absolutely adorable. It also goes to show that humans aren’t the only ones who can enjoy puppy love!

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