This Horse Is Really Thankful To His Human For Putting His “Shoes” On! You Won’t Believe His Adorable Reaction!

Horses are incredible noble and magnificent creatures. Due to their long history with humans, they have an undeniable chemistry that shines through in a variety of situation. Be it that horses collaborate with us as farm animals, in sports or simply as pets, the bond cannot be ignored. For example, Project Stables is a non-profit organization that uses horses to help special-needs children overcome their disabilities.

Aside from horses they also employ farm animals for this kind task. They firmly believe that animals can make an incredible difference in the development of these kids. In the video below, there is an incredibly hilarious interaction between Jack the horse and his owner. Jack works at Project Stables and in the clip below he is getting help to put his shoes on. His owner is happily fitting him but the best part is Jacks reaction. Watch closely at how Jack responds to his owner’s gesture. It will warm your heart!

This adorable horse is doing his best to express his gratitude toward his human’s attention. He is kissing and licking, his owner he truly is happy and thankful!

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