Horse Sees His Owner Dance. But It’s His Next Move That Left Me Laughing My Head Off! AMAZING!

All horses are considered to have their own distinct personality. Some of these gorgeous creatures love to be groomed, while others hate it when a brush comes anywhere near them. Some love interaction, some don’t. Some want to stay in their stall every time, some love to gallop around the field all day long. It you think about it, they are like humans, aren’t they?

We all know that animals enjoy music as much as humans do. The horse featured in this clip is no exception. But when you combine his adorable personality with his love for music, what you get is a real gem of a video! His owner played “All About That Bass” by Meghan Trainor on the phone, but when the horse sees her dancing to it, his reaction is priceless!

This horse’s owner is dancing to the song and the horse is trying to stretch his neck out closer to her to get a scratch. Then she points to the horse and says, “Back to you,” and he starts dancing! His head starts bobbing up and down to the beat of the music and he’s right in time with the beat.

When his owner steps back into the video, she’s dancing again, and then she hands it over to the horse again, and this time, he does something even funnier! He is really getting into the music and having a great time. It’s too funny and he has a great sense of rhythm.

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