Horse Spends DAYS Wrapped In Barbed Wire Before Being Rescued. I Am So Mad!

This is another one of those videos that it’s just difficult to watch the beginning. Rudy, whose owner wrapped him in barbed wire and did other terrible things to him before leaving him for dead, was found and rescued. Amazingly, while his exterior was all mangled, his soul remained intact. He was playful with the rescue staff and was eating and drinking normally.

It’s kind of fitting that he’s named Rudy since he overcame long odds. There was the movie “Rudy” about a walk-on football player at Notre Dame. Both have incredible spirits… and while the movie protagonist was never wrapped in barbed wire, he did undergo a lot of hardships. It looks like the never-say-quit mantra is ingrained in both of them. How easy would it have it been for the mutilated horse to just give up and surrendered to his barbed-wire prison? He didn’t.

The progress shots of his recovery are amazing. He looks like the sweetest horse even with these giant bandages around his head that make him look sort of like those medieval war horses. As happy as I was for his recovery, I was so angry at the person that did this to him. That’s the thing about these videos. It makes me wonder if the people behind them faced justice of any kind. Then again, the best revenge for Rudy is that he got all better his rescuers found a nice family to take care of him.

Hopefully, there will be a follow-up video that shows him in his fully healthy glory. If there’s a story that demands a happy ending, this is one. That would be a sign that the universe truly cares. Currently, with the way things are going around the world and in this country, that’s not always a certainty. This is a time I’d love to be proven wrong.

I couldn’t believe how well Rudy was recovering. Do you have the same thoughts? Leave a comment below!

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