This Horse Spent Too Much Time Neglected, And This Horse Whisperer Makes Her Believe In People Again!

The video that we will show you today tells us the story of Sophie, a neglected horse that has learned from her irresponsible owners that people are dangerous and threatening, and that it’s fine to be abandoned and left without any are at all. Due to this, she has become very isolated and hateful towards humans, and it seems like she can’t get along with anyone at all. Luckily, Rick the horse whisperer gets in the scene to try and help her reconcile with humanity as a whole. It may sound like an impossible mission, but it’s the job he learned to do.

What’s most amazing about this video is the fact that Rick did not have to use any physical pain inducing, no noise, no forceful training. Just by talking to him in the way that he deserves, respectfully and with honor, he manages to make the horse’s terrible behavior go away in just a couple of minutes. You will not believe it when you see it!

You can see as the video progresses that Sophie’s whole expression becomes more calm and soothed; pay special attention to her ears, which are the most expressive part of a horse’s face.

Watch them for yourself just below. Isn’t it amazing? Tell us what you thought in the comment section below the video!

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