Horse Starts Suddenly Galloping With New Rider. My Palms Were Sweating The Whole Time.

Can you imagine being on a horse, having an idyllic ride suddenly change in the blink of an eye, where you find yourself gripping the reins so tightly in your hands and your feet digging into the stirrups for dear life? It may not necessarily be the horse’s fault – they may be conditioned to start galloping at a certain time. That’s what happened here to one rider, who shot this video from a GoPro.

We see the video from the perspective of the rider. Shamrock is a retired racehorse and he decided to take his new daddy, a man named Nick Bull, for a gallop along a rural trail. He’s ignoring EVERY attempt by Bull to get him to slow down. The ride goes on for a couple of minutes before Bull finds himself unceremoniously tumbling from Shamrock. Neither were hurt and this led to Shamrock getting more professional training .

This video brought back memories for me. I was a young child visiting a ranch and we were riding horses. I spent the first part of the ride urging the horses to gallop. Well, when they realized it was quitting time, the horses started going much faster… and poor nine-year-old me spent the next several harrowing minutes trying to survive to ten years. Obviously, I made it, though the cowboy hat I was wearing didn’t.

It seems like Bull saw his life flash before his eyes not once, not twice, but quite a few times during this ride. There is one bad word at the beginning, so you might want to cover your little one’s ears if they are watching and turn off captioning. Other than that, it’s a thrilling video… though it did make me a little sweaty watching it. Thank goodness Bull is OK. He obviously survived, since he’s made other videos.

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