This Horse Was Starved And Left To Die. When He Gets A Second Chance, I Couldn’t Hold My Tears!

Starvation is the biggest complaint we receive about animals that are not being cared for properly. Neglect comes second. Most of the cases we work on are obvious cases of neglect, but for the others we require testimony from witnesses who are often reluctant to get involved. They shouldn’t be, because the abuser deserves to be punished and should never be allowed to have animals again. This is the story of a horse that needed someone to speak for him.

Every horse has a story to tell. The lame, the strong, the weak, and the old all have stories. All have a long history of their interaction with humans. Like little kids, they come into this world ready to trust us, and to be the best horse they can be. But sadly, it is the humans that change them.

Benny was four years old when he arrived at Last Stop Horse Rescue, abandoned, starving and left for dead. He was given medical care, a warm and comfortable place to recover, food, water, and lots of love. They begged Benny not to give up and he didn’t.

After a daring rescue and a long-time healing, Benny transformed into the beautiful horse God intended him to be. Parts of this video are just heartbreaking to watch, but just know there is a happy ending for Benny. Please don’t be afraid to speak out and notify authorities if you know an animal is being abused.

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