This Horse Trainer Ran Around The Beach. Don’t Miss What His Friends Did Next! It’s BEAUTIFUL!

People have been partners with horses since thousands of years ago. Scientists estimate the earliest adaptation of horses to human society happened around the year 3500 B.C., in the region that today is Ukraine and Kazakhstan. This was over five thousand years ago!

This became a trend throughout the entire continent, and it eventually became one of the most widespread practices in the world. As you can see in the video featured today, the bond between man and horse is as strong as ever. It’s easy to see why.

These majestic animals help people in many different ways, since they can perform in things that are impossible for humans to do by themselves. They are incredibly strong, resilient, and have a very strong sense of will and loyalty that no other animal has.

Horses are also very good friends, and they are smart enough to learn many tricks and skills. This astonishing video features a very talented horse keeper, David Lichmann, who is shown having fun in the sun with some of his horse friends on a beach in Pt. Reyes, in California. Hi has dedicated his life to do amazing work with horses, and it surely shows in the video!

You can watch this impressive footage just below. What did you think of it? Tell us in the comment section!

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