Horse Walks Slowly Out Of Barn With His Mommy. I Couldn’t Believe What Was On His Back.

One of the best things to see is when two species co-exist well with each other. It always seems to be the ones out of left field too. When you see them together, you do a double take because you weren’t expecting to see anything like it. Nature is funny though and it’s always throwing the bizarre at us to make us laugh. Take this scene from the video and tell me that you’ve seen this type of pairing before.

We see a horse walking out of a stable with a cat resting QUITE comfortably on his hind section. The kitty alternates between licking himself, licking the horse, and just rubbing himself against the horse’s hair. He rests for a second, but it’s hard for him to get really relaxed because the horse keeps slowly moving. This is definitely a scenario that has played itself out before – otherwise the horse would have freaked.

The horse slowly walks on the path while his mommy is giggling every few seconds at the sight of the cat on his back. This cat’s in heaven because of the texture of the horse’s hair is rough and he’s rubbing against it every few seconds. After about two minutes of the walk, he finally jumps down onto the dirt path. The ride is over. For now. I’m sure that he’ll jump right back up there at some point in the near future.

The thought that came to mind while watching this cat try to also clean parts of the horse’s rear end was “If he does this, he’s going to cough up a hairball the same size as he is.” The cat is probably hairball city anyway, because he has longish hair himself and that means that he’s going to be swallowing a lot of hair every time he grooms himself. Anyway, it’s clear that the two of them have a great bond together. I hope they do this for many more years.

What a cute video. I don’t see either of my cats doing anything like this – they’d probably run in the other direction at the sight of the horse. What did you think? Tell us in the comments section!

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