This Horse Wasn’t Supposed To Live To Give Birth. When She First Lays Eyes On Her Baby? WOW!

If you’re like me, animal rescue stories simultaneously break your heart and make you proud. They’re heart breaking because of the atrocious conditions the animals must survive and are heart-warming when their stories end happily.

Meet Fancy. She was a horse rescued from a kill auction. About to be slaughtered for food, Fancy lived in a constant state of fear. And the worst part? She was pregnant.

But Fancy received a blessing from God. The heroes at Crossfire Equine Rescue in Texas arrived at the right time to rescue Fancy from her hellish fate. Annie Shurtleff and her staff are dedicated to rescuing and rehabbing horses in need.

Despite her relative safety at the Crossfire property, Fancy was incredibly scared. Animal rescue workers went above and beyond to make her feel at home. They even slept with her in the barn at night.
With constant love and affection, Fancy began to come out of her shell and reveal her loving nature. She was about to make an amazing mother!

Shortly after her rescue, Fancy gave birth to an adorable Palomino filly. The birth was smooth and effortless. But the moments after the baby’s birth are completely heart-warming. You need to see how baby and mommy interact!

Since Fancy’s rescuers were ready with the camera, we are blessed to see the immediate bond the foal and Fancy made. There is little as beautiful as the love between a mother and a child.

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