Horses Were Awaiting Death On That Island, But I Broke Down When I Saw What These Women Did!

A group of around 100 horses were stranded on a small piece of land when waters rose unexpectedly after a fierce storm in a village in Netherlands. The storm pushed seawater into the wilderness area outside the dikes of Marrum.

Nineteen horses lost their lives while the remaining horses were stuck on a lowland knoll for three days. Firemen and animal welfare officers brought food and water for the horses to keep up their strength. Rescue attempts were made with boats, but without any success. The horses wouldn’t follow a boat.

On the third day, however, an extraordinary rescue was made. The water level had dropped a bit, but another storm was quickly approaching. Someone posted a request on a horse forum seeking experienced riders without fear of water. Some female riders responded. One of them, Norma Miedema, started a group called the Netherlands Horse Rescue.

This group of seven women met the following day and risked their own lives in order to save the horses. A channel was designated with barriers to lead the horses back to safety. They brought their own horses and hoped the wild ones would follow them back across the water. This clip shows their amazing rescue effort in this desperate situation.

They were later honored for their courage and bravery, which they truly deserved. Watch and see if their efforts were successful.

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