Horses Fall In Love With This Mini Horse Named Pippin, Way Too Cute To Miss This One

Imagine what it’s to be short and come across a lot taller people? It might feel like being a stranger in a strange land. Will they be welcoming or will they ignore you? Might they bully you and try to dominate you? Or will they see you as a fantastic curiosity and try to learn more about you? Well, we see that scenario play out with a group of horses in this video. I have to say, it’s all fantastic.

We see Pippin, a miniature stallion, running along a rural road. There’s a large field of horses running around, and they notice the little interloper in their area. They slow down to a trot and they seem to be like, “Whoa… take a look at that little guy! COOL!” They practically stampede over to the fence to lean over and nuzzle the little guy. Not a single horse snorts, rears, or does anything to try to establish dominance. It’s all about learning about each other.

One thing that I noticed – it seemed like there were some shots almost set up like a Spaghetti Western. We see shots of Pippin gazing out and then ones of the horse looking back. It’s almost like they are having a conversation: “So… how long are you in town?” “I’ll stay as long as I feel welcome.” “Well, we are a little curious about strangers, being that we don’t get that many visitors.” “Well, you have one now.” There’s no real animosity though, just curiosity and friendship.

The only thing that made me feel a bit uncomfortable at first was that all these horses were sticking their necks over barbed wire to get a better look at Pippin. I was thinking, “Guys… doesn’t that HURT?” Then again, they probably know how much pressure to exert before it punctures their necks. Otherwise, this was a great video and a great way to show animals getting along with each other.

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