Horse’s favorite song comes on – nods to his partner and begins epic dance routine

Dancing is up there with one of the most enjoyable activities a human can do. We can’t all grasp it, but boy is it fun to try. There are different styles of dancing all over the world, all of them varying from incredibly simple jigs, too much more complex routines and moves that take years of dedication to master. One type of dance that’s very popular in the US – particularly the south – is line dancing. But it’s not just a hit with us humans!

Horses are extremely talented beasts, and they can be highly trained to follow detailed commands and fine footwork. You only have to look at the precision in which military horses move, or show jumping and equestrian events to understand how the animals can pick up specific movements. While some of us might have two left feet when it comes to learning how to line dance – this horse certainly doesn’t have two left hoofs!

Line dancing is a deceptively tricky dance because one wrong move and it’s going to be clear to EVERYONE in the room just who is out of step and out of place! It’s not a routine that you can simply melt into the background if you make a mistake – but it’s also one of the most enjoyable dances when you get it right. It can be a lot of fun giving it a go – even more so if you’ve had a few beers with friends!

But this Clydesdale clearly knows what’s what, and he shows an amazing ability to keep up with his human partners. When he recognizes his favorite song – the classic country number ‘Achy Breaky Heart’ by Billy Ray, the animal gives his rider a nod, and they’re off – flawlessly performing an awesome line dance much to the delight of the watching crowd!

The dedication and commitment it takes to train an animal to be this good should be applauded too, but it is the horse himself who clearly steals the show here. They are amazing creatures, living side-by-side with a man for centuries, and we continue to be inexplicably entwined in our existence. We’d probably have them in the house if we could!

Don’t miss this amazing footage of this wonderful horse line dancing below – and share with your family and friends. It’s the next best thing to actually having been there to witness it in person!