Two Horses See Water For The First Time And Are Having The Best Time Ever

Horses playing in waterNot everyone knows horses can swim. Not only does it cool them off on hot days, but swimming is also one of the best aerobic exercises for horses since it forces the horse to use its whole body at once, without the pressure of bearing its entire weight on its legs.

Even though horses are excellent swimmers, sometimes they can react to water just like a human would for the first time.  It can be hard to get your footing when you’re not used to water under your feet and surrounding you.  Sometimes, they need some gentle convincing to try it out.

Horses playing in waterThese two young horses experience water for the first time.  Just like humans, the earlier you can introduce them to water, the better.   Once they get over their initial fear, most tend to enjoy being in the water.  These two horses go through the same process.

Horses playing in waterAt the XL Ranch Horse Training facility in Alberta, Canada, a trainer introduces two of their young horses to water for the first time.  She takes them to a local lake that is equipped with a boat ramp to enter the water to them gradually.
Horses playing in waterAs they slowly enter the water, the horses are a bit confused as to what they are supposed to do with the water – drink it? Gradually led in a bit deeper, they start pawing at the water.  It sure feels different than dry land!

Slowly urging them inch by inch, they hesitantly and nervously follow her.  One of the horses keeps looking at the camera; he must be camera shy.  He even tries to head back towards shore, and his splashing gets bigger and bigger.  Gently, the trainer continues to lead them out deeper.

The braver of the two horses get out to about her chest before turning back.  That seems to satisfy the trainer for now, and she focuses on the camera-shy horse.

Finally, he gets out to about his chest as well, and the trainer attempts to climb on his back.  That seemed like a bit too much for him, so he headed back towards shallower water ground.  He seems perfectly content to stand at knee-level and splash around. Who wants to join in?!

Next up: Horses blowing bubbles in the water.

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Two Horses See Water For The First Time And Are Having The Best Time Ever