These Horses Were Separated Years Ago, And Watch Their Reaction To The Reunion

We are all well aware of strength and beauty of horses and how strong the bonds can be between humans and their horses. But what do we really know about their memory and how long they can remember the humans and other horses they come in contact with? Can they remember their old horse friends like we remember our human friends from the past?  We are about to find out in this next clip.

In this video, we will be able to observe an emotional reunion of three horses who were play mates when they were foals, but then separated from each other. Many years have passed since they last saw each other, and their reaction when they are reunited is priceless.

William, Arthur and Harry spent their “foalhood” in a barn owned by Sue Blagburn. She bred all three of them with love and care. But she had to sell Arthur four and half years ago. Now Arthur is back to visit his old mates and it is clear that they remember Arthur and are so excited to see him. They greet him like we would greet a long-time friend that we hadn’t seen in a very long time. Sue even states that William the horse is quite picky about who he befriends and he wouldn’t allow any other horse to be close to him like he allows Arthur.

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