These Horses Are Having A Snow Day. Don’t Miss What Happened Next! AWW!

When cold weather gets really tough, it’s very hard to deal with. Thankfully, it has some nice side effects, like snow, and more importantly, snow days. They’re just endlessly fun, you just can’t avoid having a good time out side when there’s white fluff all around! If you have the proper clothes to withstand it, of course.

Most people, and especially kids, love to hang out in the snow. But I never thought that horses could love it so much too! Like in the video that we featured below.

I mean, we’ve seen videos of dogs and cats having adventures in the snow, and even some other fluffy animals like squirrels. But in this clip, there’s something a bit more out of the ordinary. On it, you can see a group of horses hanging out and having a blast on a snowy field.

There’s SO much snow too, it covers their bodies almost entirely up to the neck. But they don’t seem bothered at all! They had a blast, and it makes me want to go back to snow weather right now!

What did you think of this cute video? Those horses sure had fun! Please leave us your thoughts on this clip in the comments.

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