Horses Surprise Everyone With How They Welcome The New Miniature Horse On The Farm

Animals probably have better social skills than many of us, if this video is anything to go by. When Pippin the miniature horse clippity-clops towards a farm, he gets a very unique welcome. The whole herd of horses come to greet him in their own special way.

When people move into a new location, we usually aren’t bothered. Many people don’t go out to welcome them into the community, unless if you live in a smaller town. That being said, the horses became curious at Pippin’s appearance and after he stopped by the fence and started munching on the grass, the curious mares and stallions all gathered round the fence.

While some lowered their heads to below the barbed wire fence to sniff out the newcomer, other simply lifted their big and majestic heads over the wired fencing to get a good sniff of Pippin’s back and face. I was so taken aback by their behaviour because I’ve never seen anything like that before.

I love the way he confidently walks up to the fence, ready to make friends. Even though he’s the smallest by far of the whole herd, he doesn’t seem to be intimidated by the horses’ height around him. In fact, he seems to get along with them pretty well.

You HAVE to watch the movie to see the horses’ reaction to this miniature cutie… It’s PRICELESS!

What did you think of the video? Wasn’t it so amazing? Have you ever seen a miniature horse being given such a unique greeting? Write in and tell us your stories in the section below.

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