Horses Are Having The Time Of Their Life On That Snow. Now Pay Attention To What They Do! Aww!

Snow can be really troublesome and dangerous sometimes, but a snow day at home from school is really a great surprise. I am sure many of you have experienced the joy of snow days and staying home from school unexpectedly, playing the snow all day. Maybe you have memories of hot cocoa after a long day of playing outside in the snow. Playing in the snow has always been fun, hasn’t it? But it’s not only humans who feel this way.

Take for example the majestic group of horses in the clip below! Their owners set them free and allowed them to run wherever they wanted on this snow day. What happened next is truly beautiful! The snow looks really deep, but the horses don’t care! Just look at how much fun they are having!

These horses are having the time of their lives running and frolicking in the snow. We’ve seen dogs do this, but these horses are playing like little kids in the snow. One of them actually rolls around in the snow, ducking his head under it and tossing snow in the air when he comes up.

I wondered if they would get cold, and one of them is actually wearing a warming blanket, but they seem oblivious to the cold. They just want to play around like any school kid would in this beautiful snow. They must be quite used to it.

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