Hot Dr. Pepper was an unforgettable winter drink of the 1960s

Gen-Z has discovered the delight of having a soda and ice cream mashup. However, if you were in the US during the 1960s, you would remember Hot Dr. Pepper, the winter beverage that took the country by storm. Although the product could have done better at that time, it was certainly not due to some lack of effort from the manufacturers.

America’s love for something new and original, an accidental experiment, and an executive’s taste test gave birth to Hot Dr. Pepper. Although the idea sounded unrealistic to many, it was something worth experimenting with for the company president, Wesby R. Parker. It was Parker’s funny experiment that gave birth to Hot Dr. Pepper. He combined the flavors of a heated Dr. Pepper and a slice of lemon.

Although Parker’s original Dr. Pepper was still available in the American market during the 1960s, it was vastly popular during the summer days. However, he gave the country the idea of enjoying Hot Dr. Pepper with a slice of lemon for the cold winter months.

Preparing Hot Dr. Pepper was very simple. First, you had to heat a pan and pour the required amount of Dr. Pepper into it. Then, while Dr. Pepper gets heated, cut a slice of lemon and put it inside a glass.

When you notice that Dr. Pepper is hot enough, pour it into the glass with the lemon slice. Dr. Pepper should either be sizzling or steaming up before you pour it in. Since the drink would be scalding, it is advisable to pour it slowly.

After pouring all the contents into the glass, wait a few seconds for the lemon to bubble up and make a popping sound. You should enjoy the beverage before it cools down.

With the holiday season just around the corner, welcoming your guests with Hot Dr. Pepper would be a lovely idea. This way, you can relive the good old days and enjoy a pleasant drink with your near and dear ones.

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Hot Dr. Pepper was an unforgettable winter drink of the 1960s